Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A bite of fresh Green for your Lunch.

Mmmm who hasnt thought of what they might have for lunch today??? Let me tell you that a burger or hot fries wont satisfy your lunch cravings, because your just gonna want more! Instead a simple sandwhiche has given me so much energy that I dont need to eat anymore and I am quite satisfied that I dont need a full stomach right now. On your next grocery shopping, it is ideal and fresh to put in your trolley the following items: a bag of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, eggs, wholemeal bread, etc. You get the idea! I have just recently started getting into the 'healthy-eating' habbit that Im just about loving it! Make a simple sandwhiche out of all your fresh foods and then wallah... You've got Lunch haha to your likings, you can add a spread of mayo(I like 'Best Foods' or sometimes make my own mayo). If you have already started with the heathly-eating, then good on you! In my own household I have a sibling who is cutting down on her weight and it is so encouraging to see her loosing bits at a time.. She started at 114kgs last year, now I think shes down to 99kgs! Wow awesome stuff sis we call see the changes your making. Her diet is going very well that is why I have kind of turned from the junk. The fresh food stored in our fridge is forever being eaten, which is a good thing, nothing is going to waste! So please chuck out any of those old tomatoes at the back of your fridge if your wondering what that smell is. No the food isnt 'Yuck', its tasty so i hope your taste-buds get use to it after your first bite. Healthy-Eating and Healthy-Living Everyone!

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