Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sione's 2: Unfinished Business REVIEW

I finally got to see this movie, after being released a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice sunny Wednesday, and I wasn't doing much and thought 'school starts next week so I should go out and treat myself before I get back into another hard year of work'. Anyway thanks to my mum's free Events Cinema Voucher valid for 1 adult, I used it to go watch Sione's 2 at a 2pm session at Westfield St Lukes. ALL BY MYSELF. But I was so happy that the huge cinema wasnt full, I decided to sit right at the top with my Medium Popcorn, Malteesers and Coke (gosh I'm such a Pig with this junk).

So back to the movie.. >> SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!
This film is a carry-on from the first 'Sione's Wedding', and is set 5 years later in Central Auckland. The main four Samoan Boys - Albert, Michael, Sefa and Stanley(known as the 'Duckrockers') reunite because of the death of Sione(Michael's brother) who got hit in the head with a basketball. They're set forth on a mission by the minister to find Paul(Bolo) whom they think is to blame for Sione's death. Throughout the film, secrets are revealed, not only the reason and detail behind Sione's death, but secrets of the indivual duckrockers themselves (well of course its been 5 years!) After all the blitz and fits, everything is calm by the end of the film which is a good thing.

Once it had all finished, my first thought of the movie... "IT WAS ALRIIIIGHT :/", and why would I say that it is alriiiight when I should say that it is Brilliant?? because, there were some good bits, and some not so good bits! But thats what I thought at first, I dont know what the rest of you's think!

The Positives: what really stood out for me throughout the whole film was the beautiful setting and scenery of Auckland Central i.e Grey Lynn Suburb, Ponsonby shops, Richmond Road and its public library, K'rd, and lastly my ought most favourite.. my own dear mother-church 'Newton Pacific Island Presbyterian Church'. The visual techniques used in this film were Bang-on, supporting the acting and bringing out the beauty of our city, and of course it goes that Auckland Central is a place where most Islanders live and first came to from the Islands, so all Pacific Islanders would relate to the setting! I also found some of the main actors like Shimpal Lelisi(Sefa), Robbie Magasiva(Michael) and Madeleine Sami(Tania), quite amusing to watch, since the first film which wasnt quite up to it. Those three stood out because they are natural actors, and their characters wernt over-exagerant but normal Pacific Islanders in this second film (unlike Stanley and his poor belief about holiness). Some of the script made me laugh too :)

The Negatives: I kind of disliked the scene which involved the strip club and the action in the cubicle EWW(close your eyes children). Yes any kiwi can relate to those situations in their lives, but there are way more better scenarios that Pacific Islanders face. I would've loved to watch a scenario that involved honouring your Parents, like paying deep respect to the People's heritage (a movie like that reminds me of 'The Orator-Le Tulafale'), but I suppose this film's plot revolves around Samoan-kiwis who love to drink and stuff like that :/ That is significant in a way. This film didnt so much have a story to it, although it did flow quite well that the duckrocker's mission had been accomplished at the end of one long day.

If I were to rate this film... 7/10! I thought I'd see my mum and sister in the wedding scene in our church, but NO sorry your faces were blurred out hehe. I would recomend this to you if you are keen for a laugh. Not sure if my mum would laugh at it though.. she'd say a big fat "A'E" (samoan for 'what da hell') but thats mum and we are both different! Its a huge blessing to see our Pacific Island films rolling in! I know that this was the dream of our grandparents who first came to New Zealand so that the new generation would make their mark. I am deeply excited for more films to come.. then what do you know, you'll probly be seeing me on the big screens haha yeah right (as an xtra).


  1. I love the name of your blog by the way!

    Nice review. I don't like this kind of movie but my husband is bugging me to go watch it with him so I just might have to give in....aaagh.

    Welcome to blogging. When I read St Lukes movies etc...I was like 'hey, I go there!' Its a small world.

    1. Awww thanks Lani.

      Enjoy the movie with your husband :) atleast you'll have someone there to watch it with since I was alone! But what a small world alright.

      And hey I still have to write a review on your outstanding fiction 'Telesa:Covenant Keeper'. But thats still in progress. Thanks again!